Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My new item!!

I'm calling them "Twinkle Toes" which is something my late Grandmother used to call my sister and I. I've been working on these toe rings to "unveil" in the spring but I figure that since I'm itching to see signs of summer, maybe some shoppers feel the same way I do and I'll get some sales anyway.

I'm adding "Indain Princess" ring today, the rest will be later this week.

I love to adorn my own toes and feet in the summertime with toe rings and ankle bracelets! I created these new stretch toe rings one day when I had an idea on how to keep from losing my toe rings! Most of the time, toe rings that are made of metal have an open adjustable back that tends to loosen sometimes with frequent wear. My stretch toe rings are elastic enough to easily slip on your toe and stay put, even during swimming!
If you don’t wear toe rings, these rings are also nice for children, or an adult pinky ring!
I have them affordably priced so you can go crazy and buy one for everyday of the week!

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