Friday, April 10, 2009

Etsy shopper aggravation!!!!

If your a shopper on Etsy, I would assume that you are there because you know that we are a community of artists, and crafters who produce items that you hopefully won't see in mass production. Or at least this is what my theroy on it is.
Why would you shop etsy if you wanted things that look exactly like something in a store? Sure, you have the pat on the back knowing that the items was hand crafted instead of factory made..but isn't it more than that? What about the uniqueness? What about creativity?
I am so aggravated right now because I was contacted by someone to make mass quanties of the same style ring for retail. I know that a lot of people would say, "whoo hoo!, I hit the jackpot" but I really am discouraged. I like to make my items "one of a kind", it's different if someone said that they would like 4 or 5 specially made same rings for like, I dunno, friends or something. But 500 pieces of the same ring???!!! My artistic quality just goes right down the toliet.
I'm just venting, but I'd like to hear some imput on this one....
Beat the machine!!,

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  1. Anne..

    I agree.
    It sucks the life outta an artist.