Saturday, October 10, 2009

Something definitively different...

Something definitively different...

I think one of the best things about handmade items is how unique each piece really is. I try to go above and beyond the "unique" call for handmade items to ensure you will definitely never see the same sort of thing again-no matter how hard someone might try to replicate.

I've been playing with my art scarves for a while now, and they give me a lot of enjoyment when creating them. Having a one year old means that art like painting and sculpture is difficult to find time to do but in knitting these scarves I've found a way to take the parts that I find most enjoyable about artwork and applying them to the scarves.

I love colorful paintings full of textures-and I love sculpture because I love the idea of 3d art! So when you look at one of my scarves, your seeing a representation of artwork I would typically do. Each one has a name, like a piece of art and I hope some day these accessories are passed down to generations like a fine oil painting done by the masters.

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