Sunday, February 21, 2010

Nope, not even dead yet!!!


Yes, yes- I haven't blogged in a while, no wonder I have almost no followers but the ones I do I am so grateful for so thanks for keeping me :)

So what happened? Well once again I was in the hospital and hopefully it will be the last time, or at least the last for many many years. There is less in my body and more of me in the city landfill but it hasn't squelched my creativity. I have been striving to get more goodies in the shop as fast as I can but I can't Deny that it has been still difficult some days with all these tubes and devices still attached to me. My wound vac should be gone in about another week, and my catheter that is tapped to some fluid in my back, lovingly known as my "butt pipe" by my husband will be out next Tuesday. Thank god, it really sucks sitting on a IV port.

Well, for those still with me, thanks once again and I will be sure to have more excitement soon. Lots of love to all you in the inter tube,

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