Monday, June 27, 2011

Some things change, others remain the same.

I decided since I've kind of left my customer's hanging about what's been going on with my shop and where to find my merchandise it would be good to leave an explanation for some things. I do not have my shop on etsy anymore. There were a number of things that started to annoy me about the site, and then on top of it I was having a harder time with my illness. Online selling requires a lot of time and focus. Also a hell of a lot of money which isn't at my disposal when I have health problems constinetely.
Right now I've been waiting on a hip replacement. I should have it by the middle of July. After I heal I plan on starting an shop Besides that, I will be doing public shows again with my friend as long as she will still work with me. It's a shame that I worked so hard on my etsy shop just to have it go down the tubes but it's all for the best. I can't commit to it right now and after a while of seeing the true side of etsy, the sellers, and the ridiculous things that happen there as far as greed and's just not what I wanted.
If your following my blog or just are looking for my items again....I'll be back soon. Until then I wish you all well!

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