Monday, May 4, 2009


We pushed celebrating Donnovan's 1st birthday party back to this upcoming weekend because other family members already had obligations and I wanted everyone to be there. I am stressing out about the party because we have such a small house, and sooooo many people coming. It will be the first time that we ever had more than 5 people at my house at once. I really hope it doesn't rain, that is going to be horrible. It seems like everyday the forcast changes for saturday too, make up your damn mind weatherman!!!!
Anyway, all this stressing and planning is leaving little time for me to craft and be attached to my etsy shop. I'm feeling a little guilty about planting my ass in front of the computer when there seems to be so much stuff to get done. Maybe I should start drinking more coffee.....that ought to do wonders for my already horrific stomach problems!
Wish me luck this week peeps! Pass the xanax.

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