Sunday, November 8, 2009

Amazingly good ideas by OlliesBoutique

I had the pleasure of tring a fantasic new item available from this Etsy shop:

and I can't help but rave about it!

Almost everyone seems to have a swiffer mop right? I know when they came out I was one of the first to jump on the wagon but quickly tossed it aside with my other cleaning apparatices that "seem" convienent but really they are not. My biggest complaint was how you had to keep buying those cloths for the swiffer mop. Yeah yeah, I know they are out to make money too but it just seemed so very wasteful!

Well Ollies Boutique has solved the problem! Check out these most awesome washable, reusable, and very cute swiffer cloths! They are such a great idea, I can't come up with any reason why you wouldn't want to buy one of these if you have a swiffer.

They fit the dry mop and wetjet. When it's dirty, toss in the wash! Save money, save the landfill of more garbage. She will even make a custom color for you, how very cool is that!

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