Thursday, November 5, 2009

Do Tell!

Amidst of all that is crazy in my life as far as the progression of my RA and Lupus I still am plugging away on etsy in hopes that my scarves really start to pick up soon.
My views are lacking, not sure why. I thought maybe it was the pictures, perhaps on some it is. I reviewed the ones that have sold and it seems that the skinnier..accessory types do better online. So I'm asking you to tell me...
Can you guys go to my site, and tell me which of the scarves you'd be more inclined to buy. I'd also like to know if you think that the prices are scaring people??? I was not a believer in the whole, "if it's too cheap people won't buy it" idea but perhaps I just need a rude awakening. Does it seem like I'm selling junk? I certainly am not but I really want to know if I'm being perceived that way.

I look forward to your responses! Thanks friends!

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